About Luane

Luane Kohnke is an accomplished gourmet cookie baker. Her love for cookie baking began when she was nine years old, living on her family’s farm in Wisconsin. She enjoys researching new ideas and experimenting with new ingredients. For more than two decades, Luane has been refining her cookie recipes and baking techniques. She believes that flavor and texture are the most important attributes of a great cookie.

Luane’s Books

Coming off of 2 successful books, Luane’s latest book, Ancient Heritage Cookies, was released by Pelican Publishing in October of 2016. It features 50 whole-grain, ancient-grain, and nut-flour recipes, including 13 which are gluten-free.

Luane’s first book, Gluten-Free Cookies, was released in March of 2011 and is now in paperback. Her second book, Sassy Cookies, was released by Pelican Publishing in September of 2013, and features unique spicy, chocolate, and savory cookies to inspire any palate.

More About Luane

Luane’s Cardamom Cookie recipe was featured in the 2010 New York Times Dining Section Holiday Cookie Round-up and the recipe continues to live on the New York Times recipe website and has a 5-star review!. Two of her cookie recipes were also featured in the 2010 and 2009 holiday cookie section of the New York Times online edition.

Her gluten-free chocolate madeleine recipe was included in We Love Madeleines, released in Fall, 2012 by Chronicle Books.

Luane obtained her culinary training at the Institute for Culinary Education in New York City. She holds a BA in sociology and political science from Valparaiso University and pursued graduate studies at SUNY-Albany.