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Ancient Heritage Cookies!!

Ancient Heritage Cookies was released by Pelican Publishing on October 31, 2016. It features 50 whole-grain, ancient grain, and nut-flour recipes, including 13 gluten-free recipes. The chapters focus on flours from the Fertile Crescent, Mesoamerica, and Asia & the Pacific Rim. In each chapter, there are several recipes for classics, such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and shortbread cookies, each interpreted with flours from the region highlighted. As you would expect from Luane, there are many intriguing recipes such as Coconut Fudge Brownies, Pistachio and Brown Rice Sables, Chocolate Hazelnut Bars, Polenta-Apricot Cookies, and Cashew Steel Cut Oat Cookies.

As always, Kohnke’s  delightful flavor combinations are sure to be a hit, and her newest cookbook is certain to be a delightful addition to any kitchen! You can order it at and at